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Dr. Randhir Lal

Dr. Lal received his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.) degree from Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine, in Miami Shores, Florida, in 1998.  On completion of this four-year medical/surgical program, he joined a practice in Ohio, after which he moved to Florida and opened his own practice which flourished for 17 years.  Dr. Lal joined the team at 360 Podiatry after making a decision to relocate to Canada to be close to his family. 


Dr. Lal has extensive knowledge and work experience diagnosing and treating dermatological, musculoskeletal, metabolic and diabetic-related disorders of the foot. He also has a comprehensive understanding of the biomechanics of the foot and ankle. Dr. Lal also incorporates the use of orthotics, braces, injections, shockwave therapy and taping along with minor in office surgery for the treatment of foot related pain, injuries and conditions. 


Dr. Lal likes to take a multi-disciplinary approach to the care of his patients and working at 360 Podiatry will allow him to facilitate this approach due to the presence of physiotherapists, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, and Family Medicine practitioners at the wellness clinics.  Dr. Lal's philosophy is to be very attentive to his patients and listen to their needs in order to provide care and treatment with the utmost concern for his patient's welfare and comfort.


Dr. Lal is a member of the College of Podiatric Physicians of Alberta and the American Podiatric Medical Association. No doctor referrals are necessary for an appointment to see Dr. Lal at our clinics. 

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