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Whether you need to escape a stressful day or work out some major kinks, our registered massage therapists can help.


Massage therapy reduces muscle tension caused by stress, poor posture, and illness, and is key to relaxation and pain elimination.

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What are the benefits of deep tissue therapeutic hot stone massage?

This type of bodywork allows the therapist to achieve a deep tissue massage quicker and more effectively than standard massage therapy. Muscles loosen significantly faster and therapeutic benefits are gained quicker with less pain afterwards. This is because the heat used in the stones is able to deeply penetrate the muscle repeatedly as opposed to stagnant heat sitting on the top layer of the muscle. Many trigger points (“knots”) melt away with the heat and pressure from the stones before classic trigger point work has started. In many cases, less treatments are needed to see results.


What is the difference between relaxation hot stone and deep tissue therapeutic?

Most hot stone massages on the market are relaxation style, which are designed specifically for alleviating stress. Deep tissue therapeutic hot stone massages have this effect as well with the added benefit of treating the body therapeutically. This is because discomfort (during and post-treatment) is lessened due to the heat.


Who should not get hot stone massage?

We offer hot stone massage to patients 18+. Patients with severe heart conditions, acute eczema, poor hot or cold perception, who are pregnant or heat sensitive should not receive hot stone massage. Heat sensitive individuals may include those with menopause, acute diabetes, high blood pressure, nerve damage, the elderly and the use of antidepressants or hormone replacement, including hormones for infertility. We offer warm stone massage for clients who need less heat.

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